#shibainu video(柴犬動画まとめ) #shibe #柴犬

I introduce Japanese Shiba Inu videos from YouTube. 日本の柴犬動画をまとめています。

Shibe meets hooman's baby

A family increased to one Shibe's house. The mother who returned home after giving birth, and the child. The Shibe approaches the child and smells terrible. It seems that it is an intention to rise above the sofa, "Yourself is a senior!"

Shibe and Cat,They are good friends!

www.youtube.com Shiba Inu and Black Cat sleep well. The owner trickss there. I thought that only Shiba Inu would follow if I left that place. But Shiba Inu did not leave the black cat, no matter how much the owner showed off his way to lea…

Shibainu get mad

www.youtube.com Father Shibe wants another food left by the daughter dog. The daughter who noticed it shows an angry expression. However, father repeats his desired swing. By the way father has finished his meal.

Shiba inu's hair change period

www.youtube.com Shiba inus often get out of hair. It is not limited to the hair change period, and hair always goes out. And when it comes to hair change period, it will become many times its hair will come out.

Shibe before going to bed

It has become a time for a hooman to sleep. But the Shibe does not want to sleep. Still it eventually matched to humans.

Shibe eats fried rice,However...?

Shibe is looking at making fried rice. Fried rice uses various materials to make it,Shibe seems to be interested in each one of the materials. During cooking, Shibe will lick the desk without waiting for completion. However, it may not hav…

#shibainu injected for the first time

Shibe The first injection hurts and cried. But the second time did not cry. So what's the third time? It looks nice to be examined. It seems like this happens if Shibe eat cheese after each injection.

Shibe wants a ball

Shibe found a ball on the tree in a park where he went to play. Shibe seems to want the ball very much, but Shibe can't get it off no matter how hard Shibe jump. Shibe was able to play with that ball after taking it to the owner after all.